How to treat the prostate? How to remove an inflammation of the prostate?

Prostatitis called inflammation of the prostate gland which occurs due to the symptoms, the blood, the micro circulation in the muscles of the pelvic floor pool. In addition, inflammation can occur due to an infectious process, which occurs in the tissues of the prostate. A disease accompanied by a severe deterioration of the quality of life of the men. If a treatment is wrong or delayed, this can lead to frequent relapses, as well as the transition of the disease in a chronic form. Talks about how to treat a prostatitis, you should pay attention to the fact that in addition to a conservative therapy, there are other, very effective methods that it is a disease. Treatment of prostate can be done at home. Responding to a question on how to treat a prostatitis, first you need to get the expert advice to identify the causes of the disease, but undergo tests in a row.

the first signs

How to identify the prostate?

Of course, the diagnosis of the disease will be able to just a supply specialist. However, there are signs there are, whose appearance, words, to pay for the healthcare. Diagnosis at home means that a person should not ignore an early warning signs of prostate, at the appropriate time to consult with a professional. Acute prostatitis is impossible, but in most cases that occurs in a chronic form, which is characterized by slow development, a in growth, a gradual signs.

The first symptoms of the disease

Before how to treat chronic prostatitis, men need to pay attention to the first signs of its development. The prostatitis symptoms are the following:

  1. A discomfort that occurs in the groin area and the genitals.
  2. More frequent urination.
  3. Sexual disorders.
  4. Pain one.
  5. Pain during urination.
  6. The feeling of pain with a bowel movement.
  7. Intentional emissions during the urine squats.
  8. Deterioration of the general health.
  9. Significant deterioration of erection.
  10. The increased body temperature.

The appearance of the above symptoms one should immediately consult a physician words, who after the diagnosis, tell how to treat the prostate. Fastest this problem can be solved with medical treatment, effective that is more, if home use, and a-bet allowed for a traditional medicine. However, you need to know how to treat a prostate is high use of non-traditional methods.

The treatment at home

Therapy at home includes a betting permit a traditional medicine, massage, physiotherapy instruments, exercise. Before how to treat chronic prostatitis for men at home, make sure that there are no complications, a disease. In most cases, often recurrent disease or complicated forms of prostatitis require the most attention, as well as more serious procedures, therapies. So, in more detail, let's look at how you can cure prostatitis by a-bet allowed for a traditional medicine.

Most popular recipes

Treatment of prostate, which is carried out in a home, usually based on the use of the popular recipes. This can help alleviate pain, to relieve prostate inflammation and restore the normal process of urination. In addition, some herbs, cure prostatitis, can raise the voice of the human test, and its resistance to various infections. The most effective recipes that can remove an inflammation of the prostate gland in men.

lecture on the subject


Responding to a question on how to treat a prostate with the help of a-bet allowed is a traditional remedy, first and foremost, it should be noted, a effectiveness, shorty. This product is a used in treatment of the disease over the past few centuries. A drug action due to the large amount of zinc, which is part of the you. The words test you need every day to be a certain win amount of zinc, an about, save what the fajbiológia to maintain the desirable level. But how to treat a prostate home shorty? A treatment is a dried seeds, but in any case not fried. You need to peel, after which they ate. To complete the therapy, enough to 500 g of this product. Thus, the treatment lasts as long as, as long as the raw materials. The first way how to treat a prostate home shorty: every day should be consumed 30 pieces of pumpkin seeds. This should be done before eating, slowly, thoroughly chew the seeds. The second way, how to treat a prostate pumpkin seeds: raw cleaned seeds should be meat 500 grams, add to the resulting slurry of 200 g of honey. The ingredients mixed well, roll from the balls, of a size, which is approximately a specific. Cure chronic prostate inflammation, every day the questions in 2. the resulting ball. Mint in the previous case, they are used before meals. In addition, a bullet could not swallow fast to chew, and a few minutes to suck. What medicines are used to treat prostate at home yet?


Infusion hazel

This is an extremely effective in fighting the disease the infusion of hazel. To make, it is necessary that the bark or the leaves of a plant. Then have a beer ezek the ingredients, alternating them. However, you should pay attention to the fact that the crust is cooked twice, they are long, because more rigid. You can make a spoon, a bark, or the leaves of a hazel, put them in a glass, pour hot water, cover, wait approximately 30 minutes. After this infusion is filtered, a quarter Cup 3-4 times a day. Apply The best each time a treatment for a fresh drink. How to treat a prostate this tool? Usually only for a week, a recording.


How to treat chronic prostatitis? Feedback about the treatment at home, suggests that the fight against the disease extremely effective wormwood. As a general rule, this plant can cope with almost all infections, including pyogenic. The best, to carry out comprehensive treatment, which includes a flushing of the urethra, the reception broth inside. The preparation is needed to 100 g was replaced by raw material, grind the wormwood in the hands of less than, then sift through a sieve. A fines applied for internal use has been changed to form great can be used to prepare the broth, from which it is later made, irrigation and microclysters the urethra. This double effect of the words in the body of that is going to clear the infectious agents, thus preventing the inflammatory process. The duration of the treatment in a week. Regardless of the food-wormwood has been changed to swallow a pinch washed down with water. Every night microclysters, as well as the irrigation of the urethra with the help of this potion. But how to treat the prostate in men douching and mikroklizm? To do this, a teaspoon of replaced raw materials pour boiling water in a liter. If you are already a medium, cooled to approximately 40 degrees, it is necessary to through a strain gauze cloth. For carrying out procedure, the individual requires approximately 50 ml of the prepared soup. The use of injection directly into the anus, and the urethra. The urethra is an injection performed with a sharp I need to keep a liquid moving in it. Each procedure using a separate syringe.

problems with potency

Healing juices

How to cure prostatitis quickly? For this, specialists in complex basic therapy it is recommended to consume vegetable juices, which are every day ingestion approximately three cups. A treatment, prostate best to use the juices from beet, carrot, asparagus, cucumber. Of course, ezek drinks to fresh-squeezed. They are used, without interruption, but at least 10 days.


Arguing about how to treat a congestive prostate of a house conditions, for this purpose you can use parsley, which has several medicinal properties. In particular, this product is capable of restoring sexual function, as well as to remove the inflammation. Despite the fact that is constantly people use parsley in cooking, choosing the pleasant aroma, this plant, the therapeutic contains, as a lot of useful vitamins, mineral substances. For example, 100 g of the product contains two daily allowance of vitamin A, which is useful for the eyes. In addition, parsley contains almost four times as much vitamin C than the lemon. This is one of those plants contains inulin, which is a natural analogue of insulin, which regulates glucose in the blood, the best food source on the gut flora. To cure prostatitis, parsley juice, it is recommended that a 3-times daily before meals for one tablespoon. Parallel to this, the professionals recommend the use of parsley seed. It takes four to grind teaspoon, pour a Cup of boiling water, boil for quarter of an hour. After that, cool the device to an acceptable temperature, the question in this around 4-6 times a day amount 1 teaspoon.

Drugs, for prostate inflammation treatment

Mint mentioned earlier, a traditional recipes of Supplement a, that the basic therapy of a disease. A main treatment should be carried out with the aid of drugs. How to treat chronic prostatitis in men? The comprehensive treatment of prostate the most used in herbal medicine. Ezek is one of a drug, which is a complex of natural ingredients. This drug accumulates in the tissues of a prostate, reduces the inflammation of the symptoms, strengthen the immune system, protects the cells from free radicals, and regulate the process, the strong tissue growth in the prostate. In such devices the influence of the main symptoms of chronic prostate inflammation, which contributes to a better wetting. In addition, there are other drugs which are extremely effective to fight inflammation of the prostate. Antibiotics are a main drug, which is designed to time in combat pathogenic bacteria in the prostate. Ezek drugs are able to remove an inflammatory process, completely destroy the pathogens.

the doctor

Prostate massage

A treatment, prostate, and other words diseases often experts recommend that you do therapeutic massage. This massage alleviates the inflammation, pain, a prostate, improves the potential to clean iron bacteria, pus, to stimulate the flow of blood to the prostate. The technique is a massage point of the following:

  1. Session duration should be for 1-2 minutes. Before the massage the patient to relax, drink a few a glass of water. This massage is done with your finger, an electrical or a special massage.
  2. A patient has to stand on his own two feet, palms to the others on the couch.
  3. After that, a technician massage the anus first, the device must have an introduction of the finger, or less painful. After that, the index finger into the rectum.
  4. More exaggerated on the surface of the prostate.


A Comprehensive, a better treatment effect, you know, it uses a very simple practice which will help to increase the supply of a prostate, oxygenated blood. To do this, experts recommend the gym, crunches, exercise "a", Jogging and slow walking is a sport.

Treatment with leeches

Hirudotherapy effective technique against prostate inflammation. It is due to This that the fact that in these meetings there is a stimulation of the blood supply. To do this, a leeches should be placed on the anus, according to the system of a letter X, where the middle letter of the anus, the edges or leeches. The course of treatment is 5 sessions, between which there is a break of 4-5 days. The treatment benefits of the leeches is an inflammation of the prostate a triple meaning:

  1. Improved blood flow.
  2. An in increase the amount of blood that is circulating in the area of inflammation.
  3. Saturation of the human study, and the prostate is a useful substances, elements, that the saliva of leeches.

Prevention of the disease

To prevent the development of prostatitis, you must follow the rules, a tips as well as to the following:

  1. It is necessary to increase physical activity. To avoid cardiovascular diseases, the pool, and a stagnation of a prostate need to exercise.
  2. It is recommended that the questions in this. You should avoid the excessive consumption of fatty, salty, fried it, smoked, pickled foods.
  3. You need to have a regular sexual partner, as well as the protection of the sexual relationship. Frequent change of partners, casual relationships, negatively affect the function of the prostate.
  4. Is necessary to conduct regular sexual life. A middle-aged a the words of a sex standards a little bit.
  5. It is necessary to avoid hypothermia.

Finally, it is noted you need to be very uncomfortable prostate in the words of disease. However, this disease should be treated. To do this, just ask for help to the time to health institution a, if the first signs of inflammation of the prostate.