The main symptoms of prostate inflammation

All healthy men get a prostate that no one can avoid it. The "zone of risk" even the astronauts, and athletes a perfect lifestyle. Knowing the symptoms will help you recognize prostate, and then start the treatment.

Prostate inflammation


Urethra, the urethra passes through the prostate. One of the functions which control of the machine, in the urine, a to open or close the outlet of the bladder. They effect, inflammation of the prostate often problems with urination.

Acceleration or impulses-year-old ...

Symptomatic prostatitis frequent urination a decrease in the amount of urine portions. Just frequent urination with the same part of a volume can be as normal (just drink more fluids started), and one of the symptoms of the disease, like the diabetes one diabetes insipidus. This is a total daily amount of urine increases dramatically, so people often go to the bathroom. This is Normal, for example, when eating the watermelon. Part of the urine at the same time - high or high.

But there will come a day, when the same amount of urine, but it is distributed by 10-30 trips to a toilet - size of every part of, of course, less at times. In women it occurs in cystitis, in men - the prostate or urethra inflammation, if you have any irritation of the urinary tract, including inflammation. This symptom is fairly constant, and may vary. If the stimulus temporarily weakens the effect, for example, when the inflammation subsides. In the case of chronic inflammation of the prostate not talking about recovery, and about how to improve the situation. This is an important diagnostic point

Weakening of the urine stream

Weak stream of urine symptoms, it is important that the typical prostate problems. Usually, the particular two serious diseases. Adenoma (hyperplasia) of the prostate and the prostate. To distinguish them easily. Adenoma usually appears in the elderly, as well as the prostate, often in a young active men. In any event, a symptom, which requires that one examine prostate and other organs. The exception is a rare (stone, stenosis of the urethra).

Prostate inflammation

A special of the addiction, the force of the urine stream, and an impact of an iron. Ejaculation, sexual intercourse, or lack of it. Walking or prolonged sitting. Violation or diet adherence.


It's very distinctive, just not a higher frequency of impulses, but discomfort during urination. When eating watermelon, for example, you can run to each one, bathroom 10-15 minutes, but I get the feeling, however, pleasant, satisfactory. But prostate - gives a very unpleasant, "mandatory", the urge to use the toilet. That's a relief, but a little time. Night a urge appears several times, often rather unpleasant. It can disturb sleep, is often a major complaint.

The size of the portions urine

A part size the urine is reduced. Due to This fact that the irritating effect of the inflammation of the prostate, increased sensitivity of the urinary tract in cases of inflammation. Hypersensitivity gives the feeling that a lot of bubbles accumulated in the urine, "half a bucket" - in fact, literally 30-100 ml.

The size of the dose vary. A larger amount of liquid irritation of the urinary tract is reduced, because the urine is getting diluted. Here is a paradox - the more fluids you drink, but going to the toilet less often, due to the increase of the dose.

Sudden urgent impulses

Imperative (sharp) impulses - often exacerbation, or age. It could be that a person is willing to travel, or make your own way", a bathroom-toilet." In severe cases, lead the people to a wear a diaper. On the one hand, the urine is weaker, and the other is when the urge to necessarily have to go to the toilet. At any cost.

"Bear" the desire is almost impossible

A podkapyvanii urine

A little urine urination after every stay. "How many penis you can't shake - the last - a swallow" - folk wisdom. However, there is little 1-2-3 drops of urine, not more. Any obvious abuse of a rule - pretty typical problems of the urinary tract in men, but not always specific to the prostate.

Lower abdominal pain

Attributed This to different symptoms the flow of the urethra. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish, and further analysis. Often in distribution does not depend on urination, a thicker than urine, be bright, colorful, transparent to opaque, Require analysis or determine the cause. It may be a symptoms as prostatitis, urethritis or venereal disease.


Mint quinsy sore throat, is that when a prostate pain in lower abdomen, perineum, groin, lower part of the sacrum.

Where my head is

A pain, can "give" a scrotum, legs, and sometimes in the stomach, the navel or even higher. It is important for us to ezek a character of the pain, the connection with other symptoms, as well as external reasons.

When, why appear in

Connection to the the lifestyle, of sedentary work, the ejaculation or abstinence - allows you to virtually eliminate prostate inflammation, or, or, I suspect, most likely. So, constant pain, dependent on that is not from these causes more often it can be a manifestation of "nerve" for mint cpp-old, syndrome of chronic pelvic pain. But the pain, after which, following ejaculation, hours or a few days. or another hand disappears after the ejaculation hours and days - it is very likely related to prostatitis.


Any. From The duration depends on the strength of the aggravation and other related diseases. A depression gives, for Example, a constant, excruciating pain, even in a small prostate. And pain free form of a prostate can mask a disease, probably in the next few years.

Symptoms It's just a it's impossible to judge a severity of the disease is.

What will be better or worse

Main It's a thing to be worried about the doctor.

Location the bought nature duration or the pain can be very different in one and the same disease. But the state of addiction is a ejaculation, or here ül walking, over excitation, a fridge or a food, you don't help us determine the diagnosis and a treatment, preventive measures or to give you the opportunity to recover from chronic prostatitis.

Pain in the heart area

Pain in the heart area, back, or other organs

The prostate is a little lying, a pool. But inflammation can affect the entire body.

The first way to influence - intoxication. Mint always serious inflammation, for example, the flu can harm the entire body, or most of the. Just mint it is likely to hurt the body, prostate, when aggravation.

The second mechanism, a pain, a distant areas (head, heart, upper quadrant of the feet) - neurological. The course of the nerves spinal pain and can "give" the quite distant parts of a test, and form "secondary" foci of inflammation. For example, a lumbosacralis in the region. And from there - a pain can "give" to irradiate a part of a thoracic and cervical spine, the legs, almost anywhere.

Erectile dysfunction

"Officially" it's not the erection is concerned, if you have prostate inflammation. There are other development mechanisms, not directly related to this is a "second heart" men. However, you are speaking on, an erection is violated. At least exacerbation. Mechanisms can be different - from the direct effects of inflammation in the neighboring organs, the "inclusion" of the penis, the mediated regulatory mechanism similar to weaken, slow erection long-term abstinence a adult males (not Teens, of course).

Fortunately, the erectile dysfunction this very well, and reliably handle. If you don't be added a psychological factor. A little ember of the prostate have a slight reduction in erectile function. Starting to worry, to listen to your dick, neurosis is ruining my erection fully on the vine. This is the third, most serious mechanism of the effect of the prostate an erection.

Disorders of ejaculation

Ejaculation (samopoznanie) the ejection of the semen, the ejaculate in a penis end of sexual intercourse. Performed by the pelvic floor muscles, prostate. Most of the symptoms of a weakening in this release, reducing the "distance shooting" the shortening of the sexual contact. Occasionally, or it may be and temporary elongation of a sexual act, the words don't "finish".

The power of emission of a semen

Prostate young men

When the weakened muscles weakening, and the work of the action. Changing the composition of the ejaculate, sperm is changing and the power of the emission.

This is for three reasons, the important. The first is one of the most accurate signals, it's a shame that this is the prostate. Almost all the other symptoms of the symptoms that can occur with other diseases. But the weakening of an emission - pathognomonic specific inflammation of the prostate.

A second reason. A weakening of the emission is a factor to deteriorate which is the condition of a prostate after sex, which causes the POIS (syndrome, malaise after an orgasm).

In the treatment of men are INTACT have reported can worsen their condition after a weak, ineffective ejection of semen. Or vice versa - are increasingly talking about the fact that the quality of ejaculation no specific symptoms INTACT. Not 100% but very likely. A third factor is perhaps the most important thing is to not cure the words prostate without medical procedures. As soon as the power emission of semen normalization - compatible main mechanism to maintain the words fajbiológia - "self-cleaning" of the prostate.

Vague feelings

Instead of a light orgasm, the man feels something like the "pee hot water," or "barely felt".

The power of the emotion change, and serves a relatively precise symptoms of problems with your prostate, or sign, to begin the improvement.

Color, quantity, consistency of the ejaculate

One of the important target parameters associated with the prostate gland and the prostate. Often just a sperm analysis to determine fertility chances of conception. However, an analysis of many sperm gives information about a condition of the prostate. So, a color, a sperm, ejaculate - normally milky white, cloudy. The consistency is medium thickness, it must be a "sticky", rasteryannosti a sperm in the form of a thread. A specific smell, without the pollution, the smell, the rotting, pus, etc.

Any change to these parameters requires an urgent need to examine if there is still no diagnosis, and the treatment - for example, if the diagnosis of the prostate gland is already available.


Color (white, yellow, green) - indicates that the impurities in the semen, often inflammatory, purulent in nature.

Transparency reduces the prostate. And it is almost certain that a microscopic analysis will be a little "lecithin granules", which is about the decline is a function of the body, however, not necessarily an inflammation.

The number may vary, depending on the change, depending on a rhythm of a sexual life. Worry of a stable by increasing or decreasing the sperm count. Perhaps this is a manifestation of the "binding" part of a tubules of the prostate, or a decrease in the production of ejaculate.

Not 100%, but very typical symptoms of chronic prostatitis.


Let's look at a hemospermia mix-up, blood, sperm. Maybe that's only visible eye, can often damage to the blood vessels, when calculated, if the oncology disease, trauma, finally. A blood may be bright red, old or a sense venous. In any case, immediate semen analysis and other tests.

The it occurs to me that mixing a small amount of blood ejaculate micro hematuria. Often you can find an aggravation of prostatitis, as well as an increase in the number of white blood cells. Sometimes this is an option for treatment vitaminization organism urologists a lot just in the case of a complex ad-vitamin medicine a good rate, often together with zinc, selenium, etc.

This is similar to bleeding gums. Friable, inflamed gums, often with bleeding. After a termination of the inflammation, and strengthens gums - a blood, of course, disappears. I'm afraid of the symptoms it's a is not necessary, if you know the reason, a blood, semen

Decreased libido

It's very important symptoms. Officially does not appear in the inflammation of the prostate. Speaking generally affected by two mechanisms.

The first rapture. Any inflammation of the flu to a sore throat - reduce the libido, sex is a desire. An organization's goal, other tasks.

A sore throat can trigger prostate inflammation

The second is the libido effect is something, mint is a phenomena Tarhanova and Belov. A symptom is not specific, it may be, for example, a depressed background, which may appear whenever chronic diseases, or even without. Other But a combination of manifestations - we consider this reduction as an important, meaningful. Including to affect the recovery prospects. If you can't solve the problem of decreased libido - it's hard to talk about this healing of the prostate. The reduction ad irregular sexual life, stagnation of the pool, as well as the increased risk of exacerbations.

Other indirect signs

Weakness, lethargy, sweating

Often only ezek things are manifestations of the intoxication. The mint is a chronic tonsillitis, bronchitis, etc. Ezek usually I don't mind the symptoms, but it's still a little bit nervous - there is a general worsening of condition, it is clear that the proportionality, the force of the inflammation, the degree of sweating, weakness, apathy. The improvement of such symptoms go away. The problem is not unique to the prostate. But this will help you to evaluate the strength of the nerves, for example.

Headache, dizziness

Dizziness, headache appear immediately put a ban after, and then in a day or two. Or "autonomous" reactions, usually accompanied by aggravation of the prostate is the most commonly, who are prone to cardiovascular reactions. Non-specific, of course, is a symptom. The the Can more, if not hundreds, of other diseases. But to consider, you will certainly be. Of course, you will be able to remove during the treatment.