An effective method for the prevention of prostate inflammation

Inflammatory lesions of a prostate tissue meet the modern representatives of the word sex often enough. Given that the vast majority of men prefer to avoid contact with urologist a specialist patients fall is already running, prostate inflammation, which sometimes become chronic. Prevent another exacerbation or relapse of the pathology, necessary for the prevention of prostate men at home. Ezek measures will be useful to those stronger representatives who have not met the prostate gland-inflammation.

The training for any sport, prolong youth

Why is pathology

Prostatitis is considered chronic or acute inflammatory process, the tissues of the prostate gland in men. Disease may develop in the background of some infectious diseases, venous maltsovyh a Croisette or innervation of immune disorders, etc. the most common reason for the development of inflammation of the prostate united States contain, such as:

  • A long period of sexual abstinence;
  • Unhealthy habits type, Smoking, alcohol consumption, or;
  • Frequent sexual relations with different partners;
  • Speak up was interrupted by a PA mint a contraceptive method, delayed ejaculation;
  • Hemorrhoids and frequent bowel movements delay;
  • Geodinamicheskogo, sedentary lifestyle;
  • Unhealthy, erratic power supply, for the reason that can occur, veselinovskiy, as well as metabolic disorders;
  • Chronic urinary tract diseases;
  • Urogenital infections, sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Abuse oily, or salty foods;
  • Depressed immunity.

The sooner the sick fog to react to the appearance of the symptoms of the disease, the more likely it is to avoid chronic, long-term treatment, of prostate.

Treatment of prostatitis at home without a impossible complex therapeutic approach. But in addition to additional measures necessary to prevent repeated inflammation. Prostate, ezek't an activity are less important than the primary therapy.

Prevention, treatment of prostatitis should be aimed at elimination of precipitating factors, pathology. It is necessary to take into account the age peculiarities of the men, a serious inflammation of the immune status of the, etc. to carry out prevention of prostatitis and for each patient, the disease risk is maximum reduced.

The prostate is chronic, regular preventive guidelines helps to maintain remission would be a condition of a long enough time, which in the future may be a complete cure for a disease. After treatment to prevent relapse, you can use a maintenance prevention, like the change in a diet, lifestyle, elimination of unhealthy passion, healthy lifestyle, etc.

Such, for example, diseases inflammation of the prostate prevention are of two types: primary or secondary. Primary prevention is important in those cases when the patient is a previously never had a prostate inflammation. If a person with chronic inflammation, requires the prevention of prostate inflammation, a secondary measures.

The primary prevention of prostate inflammation regularly enough to do gymnastics, eliminate unhealthy cravings, remove excess weight, the question in this right, that the regular sexual life. The result is an increase in immune system status, and malacatoya profilaktirujut prostate congestion. Physical activity, as well as a certain load of the main points, the primary prevention of development of inflammation of the prostate.

If the patients with chronic form of the disease, the prevention of prostatitis at home like it can be mandatory to use these because the measures so you can avoid aggravation of unpleasant disease, or the complications. You can also use, exercise, quit Smoking, alcohol but the Foundation is receiving certain drugs.

An effective way to prevent prostatitis

Preventive program against prostate inflammation consists of many specific activities, significantly improving the quality of life of the patient, and to prevent any appearance of a disease in a form.

Regular sex life positively affects the male body
  • Particularly important in the prevention of disease, to the persons who belong to the group of developing prostatic inflammation.
  • In such patients, it is extremely important to to undergo regular urological examination, to perform complex preventive measures.
  • A disease can occur at any healthy man, that knows how to avoid the prostate will be useful for everyone.
  • The age of almost every representative of the stronger risk for prostate inflammation, even if life is not sedentary.
  • After a 40 years of age every brand should think about a serious counter-measures against threats to a development of prostatic inflammation.
  • To a urologist for a examination is to review a diet routine, a daily walk and exercises.

It all depends on whether a sick, seriously this is what applies to urogenital health. It's much easier to prevent the inflammation of mint, to go through a long therapy to overcome it.

Active lifestyle

Preventive anti-prostatic activities should include the active life of the patient. Regular, moderate load perfectly prevent the development of inflammatory processes in the gland. Why is it important to conduct hyper dynamics of life. Only risk factors pathology includes the men a excess pounds, work as well as the seating. Anyway, according to the statistics, after 40 years of age the most common cause of prostate inflammation, or obesity, and physical inactivity.

The regular load is a moderate buy natural promotes immune system status. We recommend that you participate in active sports, swimming, running, skiing. The ideal profession would be, or Nordic walking, mountain climbing, or on foot Hiking. Each of the postures, yoga is extremely helpful to the men a test to help strengthen the pelvic crouzille.

Is incompatible with the prevention of a type of prostate sports training Bicycle or horse, which can lead to a traumatic injury dam region. Also it is not necessary that all of the heavy lifting. If you have a volt aggravation of chronic diseases, then a training up until remission.

Sexual life

It is equally important to a prevent prostatitis sexual life a high. A grown man is An extremely important that regular sexual discharge, in order to stop the prostate secretion and croisette in a malta today in the region. One of the prerequisites for the existence only of a permanent partner, because of the different urogenital microflora contributes to prostatic inflammation.

Sex happens When a patient's life from time to time, a glandular lobules and accumulate in the prostate secretion, and the different degradation products, that is excreted into the only natural that a process, a ejaculation. In fact, if the ejaculation happens maltsovyh active contraction of the muscles, which is also a type of exercise. Because of the above factors regular intimacy in men sexually it is extremely necessary to maintain urogenital health.

Not the less attention requires the problem of in-satisfaction.

  • As a consequence of If in certain circumstances the patient does not have a permanent sexual partner, urologists recommend that you speak to the Masturbation.
  • A few decades ago, such in-gratification is considered something very shameful, however, after a series of studies scientists have proven to prevent the stagnation of the secretions of a gland veins maltsovyh to masturbate.
  • Of course, between self-love, sexual a better connection it is natural to choose a second option, because during sex the muscles contract much harder, and the circulation, the blood flow is significantly accelerated.

So, given that the sex of the words, that's a prevent prostate inflammation should be in a relationship with a regular sexual woman. While it's totally acceptable to use the interruption of a law, like the protection of a conception.

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No cost preventive protivodiabeticheskie events without medical care, the basic principles, which prevent the defecation delays, exclusion, irritation, hypertrophy of the prostate gland, as well as to ensure, a high nutrition, as well as the blood flow glands. Tell you need to alcohol mode, but we can't afford to the night bothered by urinary urgency.

In order not to interfere with the frequent constipation, it is recommended to frequently consume dairy products with low fat content. Also a food aim to improve the immune status, which you need to plan a diet that contains the optimal amount of micro-nutrients.

The basis of prevention diet meat lean or abundant use of green, fresh vegetables. Oil But fish and meat is prohibited. Must contain the menu, a zinc content of foods like pumpkin seeds (50 things a day). Drink more fresh fruit juices. Strictly prohibited all pickled, salted and smoked products and alcohol because ezek the products considered primary prostate can be irritating, because of an aggravation of inflammatory process.

Harmful addictions

We have already mentioned, the prohibition of the use of alcohol. Remission If you hold it too long, and a small amount of alcohol, the patient is allowed. A small amount of alcohol damages body, not just one, but on the contrary, alcohol contributes to the increased blood flow that positively affect the duration of the sexual contact. But a higher dose of alcohol– that enemy of the prostate gland as well as a full health.

When alcohol abuse self-monitoring, decrease the patient, people forget about the precautions, it can be supercooled lead to inflammation. Especially dangerous exposure for men who already have a history of the prostate. And irritating effect of alcohol on iron sammi's not good to be sick for a promise. Therefore, the excessive alcohol consumption is incompatible with a prostate.

Protected infections

Preventive measures against prostate necessarily includes the protection of the different infectious diseases. Only in the most clinical cases, pathology develops due to a penetration gland pathogens urogenital infections.

  1. If you are sick of a urogenital infection, it is necessary to proceed immediately to the elimination of the main infectious focus, in order to further prevent the spread of the infection.
  2. This can trigger an infection of intestinal disorders. It is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the digestive tract, to prevent the developmental delay defecation, or diarrhea, whereas ezek diseases leads to a decrease in intestinal immunity.
  3. This is to a avoid the formation of anal fissures, and hemorrhoids.
  4. Threat of prostate pathology in a system rochevilaine, to prevent that the time required in emptying the bladder, to avoid the overflow of the bladder. Assuming that long-vesical overflow, malta's song is a risk of infection dramatically.
Spousal support

The Protection of infectious diseases includes the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases because sexually transmitted diseases greatly increases the likelihood that a prostate inflammation. Therefore, men who develop prostate health is concerned, you need to avoid casual sex, especially without barrier contraception.

Massage prevention

Protivopsoriaticescoe prevention necessarily involves massage and stimulation of the prostate. This is only carried out procedures in the absence of exacerbation. Therapeutic stimulation of a prostate contributes to in due time a happened outflow of the secretions, and the fluid accumulates in a gland due to inflammatory process.

Urologists usually recommend finger stimulation of the prostate, which helps eliminate the venous stasis and improve the blood circulation malot in. The prostate operation should be fully complete, perform a training course, massage seats, which includes a 8-10 procedures.

In addition to exacerbation, prostate stimulation is contraindicated in the presence of a tumor process in the gland concretions -, hemorrhoids, renal and genitourinary acute diseases. Before conducting a massage is the stimulation needed to verify the absence of contraindications.


To a prevent prostate inflammation in men to your doctor to reduce the chance of infection, normalize hormonal balance, blood flow, prevent the development maltsovyh stagnation, restore metabolism veselinovskiy processes.

Drugs intended for preventive reception, a prostate quite diverse. Ezek drugs prevent malacatoya cervesato, inflammatory processes in the prostate, and helps to eliminate the swelling. Improves the immune system status, it may be necessary vitamin.

The vitamins and various Supplements

A therapeutic or additional prevention method for patients in the risk groups, or who already have prostate inflammation, it is recommended that the means of plant origin, prevents the development of complications.

Ezek medicines contribute to the quality of the sperm and helps make the sound improve a vesical muscle. The diet Supplements helps you to get rid of a around maltsovyh stagnation, relieve inflammation, can help restore sexual function, as well as a relieve urinary tract pain.

Preventive gymnastics

Physical inactivity is one of the reason but of the prostate. Inactivity provokes malacatoya congestion, disrupting the blood supply to all organs in this region. To prevent the development of prostate inflammation encourage people to specific exercises.

  • Muscle tension. You need to get a train to a dam muscles, as if trying to stop urination. This is the voltage you have to do 200 reps, just 4 pieces / day;
  • The same exercise, only the muscles of the anal have to do 5, R/d, stopped in a tight anus for 10 seconds;
  • Manners. It is necessary to perform half squats thrown to his knees while on the site;
  • A walk. You need to make a place for a walk, increase your knees;
  • Bike. Perform movements that mimic a Bike lying on raised legs.

Start training you have, the easiest sit-ups a day doing an exercise. When you get to the test used, which can be a complex walk with the priest, and all the other complex elements.

Yoga is the potency

Workout, sauna, and

Patients with chronic prostatitis is contraindicated in overheating, an visits that you or a sauna steam room you need to close activities. But if a long remission, manifestations, indicating exacerbation that does not, then the heating a was replaced by steam urologists not prohibited.

Warm, was replaced by air, a sauna, a warm body, stimulates the circulation, strengthens veselinovskiy processes. In this case, a bath performing the physical therapy function. But without the fanaticism.

Individual attention swimming in a hole, and then try ice. It spoke has led to the inflammatory process exacerbation and is therefore prohibited patients at risk of prostate.

The regular tests

40 patients after clinical examination of palpation with a glands examined by a urologist annually held. Why in this day and age? 40 after ember starts a age in a process of structural prostatic changes, is enlarged.

At this age, is dangerous and tends to the book, so ignore the studies it's not worth it. The sooner you identify a disease, the more successful the rest of the therapy.

How often do I need to prevent

A main purpose is to help prevent inflammatory a process prostate tissue. Because urological examination should be held annually. If you've had acute prostatitis, after the recovery in the first 12 months should be tested every 3 months. 3 years after That, to visit the urologist recommended all hat month. If suspicious signs are found, then the test once a year.