Treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies - real or cup


Hello, my friends! Today I would like to address a delicate topic like prostate problems, because men's health, fertility, and general health depend on the condition of this organ.

Signs and Consequences

Typically, prostatitis occurs, characterized by an inflammatory process, accompanied by discomfort and pain during urination, sexual intercourse. After that, the disease complicatedly progressed into a chronic form, quite difficult to treat.

Furthermore, inflammation spreads to neighboring organs, as a result, pathologies such as cystitis, pyelonephritis, prostate sclerosis, prostate adenoma, epididymitis, vesitisrefined development. But above all, a man's reproductive and reproductive system suffers - erectile dysfunction, impotence and infertility occur. In order to avoid such consequences, it is recommended to initiate treatment in a timely manner. In the first stage, just using oriental medicine is enough.

Can folk remedies help

Traditional medicine does not rule out the use of folk remedies, as they have many benefits:

Herbs for alternative treatment for inflammatory prostate disease
  • in the most rare cases, side effects appear;
  • is ​​free from chemical and synthetic impurities;
  • when consuming the broth internally, the beneficial effect is exercised not only on the damaged area but also on the whole body.

What can be used?

Uncommon treatments for prostatitis include a variety of remedies - taking pills inside, using suppositories and compresses, putting enema, special exercises, and massages. For the treatment to be effective, it is recommended to apply several methods at the same time, that is to combine them.

Word of mouth

Most preparations for the treatment of an inflamed prostate are made on the basis of medicinal herbs. They are most often used to make oral medications. People often boil water from plant roots and make tincture from the stems and flowers above. Not only are the herbs that are used to treat male prostatitis with folk remedies, there are also a number of effective recipes from various ingredients that are easy to prepare at home:

  1. To strengthen local immunity (in an inflamed prostate area) and relieve pain, do the following: boil 500-600 g of oats in 1 liter of water (after boilingboil, keep fire for 30 minutes). Let the water cool slightly, then filter through a fine sieve. Add cinnamon and 6-8 garlic cloves that were previously finely chopped. Drink three times a day with 1 tablespoon. l.
  2. Pumpkins deal well with male diseases. It's used in a variety of different ways - you need to eat 20-30 pumpkin seeds per day or use them in powder form before lunch. For this, the dry grain is ground with a blender. Drink 1-2 tbsp. l. 3 times a day with clean water.
  3. A delicious pumpkin remedy. Take 500 g of seeds, grind through the meat grinder, add 1 cup of honey. Roll the resulting mixture into seed-sized pellets and dissolve it before serving.
  4. Propolis soaked in water will help restore potency and reduce inflammation. Products can be stored for 2 days. Water alcohol: combine propolis with water in the ratio of 1: 3, let low heat, boil for 1 hour. Press 8-9 hours, drink 50 ml three times a day.
  5. Can make propolis with alcohol. Its shelf life is 12 months. For half a liter of edible wine, 150 g of finely ground refined beekeeping product is required. Place a week and a half to two weeks in a dark place, then refrigerate for 3 days. Drink in stretch form 2-3 times a day, 7-12 drops.
  6. The decoction of herbs in equal proportions: nettle, yam, black elderberry, immortal chrysanthemum, lemongrass, juniper, climbing wheat grass. Put 300 ml of boiling water, take 10-12 g to collect, put all the flavors in the thermos, then leave for 30-40 minutes. Drink 100 ml before meals 60 minutes.
Pumpkin seed oil for douching

Important! If a man begins to develop a prostate adenoma, make sure to incubate the chestnuts in the standard way, using alcohol as a tea.


Prostate glands can be affected by douching. Based on feedback from consumers actively communicating in the folk remedies for prostatitis treatment, the technique has been successful.

Best Recipes:

  1. The following ingredients are ideal for enema: sea buckthorn, chrysanthemum, nettle, oak bark, rose hip, walnut membrane, wormwood, basil. Ingredients can be used individually or in combination. In any case, for 100 g of ingredients, you will need 2 cups of boiling water. Cook over low heat for 10-15 minutes, let cool.
  2. A weak manganese solution is used for disinfection.
  3. Douch with sea buckthorn, pumpkin seeds or olive oil. Heat the oil to +38 degrees, inject 30 ml into the anus.

Rules to follow:

  1. When douching, it is advisable to lubricate the indentation with oil / cream, then must be inserted into the anus.
  2. Keep the liquid in the rectum for at least 2 minutes.
  3. Treatment is performed daily for 1-4 weeks (depending on the degree of injury).


An inflamed prostate not only needs an internal impact, but also an external action, so folk medicine has developed a topical formula to cure prostatitis.


  1. Propolis oil. Combine 15 g of bee product and 100 ml of warm olive oil. After boiling, place the dishes in a water bath and cook until smooth. Let the mass cool, then moisten the gauze, place it on the lumbar region of the sacrum. Hold the compress for 2-3 hours.
  2. Add 2 teaspoons to one cup of boiling water. Dry mustard powder. Dip a soft cloth in the warm mixture and place it on the area between the anus and testicles. Hold until the compression cools completely.
  3. Compressed can be produced from the decoction of medicinal herbs - rosemary, rosemary, rosemary, gardenia, celandine, vermilion, horsetail. For 500 ml of water, 100 g of composition is required. Cook for 10-15 minutes. A gauze pad is applied to the perineum.
Rectal suppositories from homemade prostatitis


  1. Compression is not applied in the presence of skin damage - wounds, cuts, sores, etc. v.
  2. Need to cover polyethylene on gauze cloth, use thick bandage or underwear fixed on top.
  3. Compression is enabled only at night.

Rectal candles

Rectal suppositories for prostate adenomas and prostatitis in men are often prescribed by specialists. This is due to the fact that active substances dissolve in the damaged area and act directly on the area of ​​the prostate gland, without penetrating into the blood as a whole. Therefore, with their help, the level of the inflammatory process decreases for a short time, the strong pain threshold is stopped, edema is eliminated, and the damaged tissues and cells are regenerated.

Folk remedies for the treatment of prostatitis - the best recipes for suppositories:

  1. It is best to take beeswax as a base, as it has a healing effect and keeps the shape of the suppository perfectly. Take 70 g of beeswax, boil in a water bath, add 1 teaspoon. cocoa powder, 1 chopped garlic clove, 2-3 drops of sage oil, 10 g of ground pumpkin seeds. Stir the ingredients well, let them cool slightly, and mold them into little finger-sized candles.
  2. Take 40 g cocoa butter, same amount of propolis, 5 g honey, 2-3 g of bee bread and royal jelly. The cooking method is identical to the previous recipe.
  3. Melt 100 g of goat fat in a water bath, add 8-10 g of propolis. Heat over low heat until smooth.
  4. For 100 g of lard, you need ¼ teaspoon. water extract of carynid, the same amount of purified water, 2 drops of orange ether, a pinch of nettle powder. Heat the block until soft, and then form a suppository.

Terms of Use:

  1. Use the refrigerator to solidify and store.
  2. Place in a warm place for 10 - 20 minutes before using.
  3. Suppositories are injected into the anus at bedtime daily.
  4. Because after being inserted into the rectum, the candle will melt, some of it will flow out. To avoid contaminating your underwear and bedding, apply the bandage to your anal area.

Massage and exercises

The physical effect on the prostate strengthens this organ, eliminates the blockage, speeds up metabolism and blood supply, increases tonicity, thereby reducing inflammation. It's a good idea to do a massage by a specialist, but there are also some simple techniques used to treat male prostatitis at home:

  1. Acute rectal. Insert the index finger into the anus, and perform the pressures on the prostate for a few minutes.
  2. Rub the tailbone and waist area for 10 minutes (to warm up). First, apply pressure, then in a circular motion, massage the area around the anus and scrotum. Be sure to use the testicles.
  3. Self-recommended rectal suppression twice a day. To do this, while breathing in, you need to stretch your muscles, and relax when you exhale.

For chronic or nascent prostatitis in men, you can do 4 effective daily exercises:

  1. Starting position (IP): Lie on your back, arms stretched along the body with palms resting on the floor. Exhale - slowly pull yourself up, knees bent, feet to chest height, lower limbs apart. While inhaling, gently return to the starting position. Number of hits is 15 times.
  2. SP - lying on his back with legs bent at his knees. Without lifting your heels off the floor, spread your feet sideways as far as possible, remaining in this position for 30-40 seconds. Connect the legs, rest for 15-20 seconds. The number of repetitions is 15 times.
  3. Lie on your stomach with arms outstretched. One leg curled up at the knee, raised. Similar actions are required for the second limb. Do it 10 times.
  4. Standing up, legs shoulder width apart and hands on waist. Do the squatting in sections, stopping at the end point for 3-4 seconds. Now lift it up, but not completely - so that your knees are still slightly bent. Number of hits is 10 times.

Attention! It is forbidden to massage and exercises when there is an exacerbation of chronic prostatitis. In this case, it is better to use decoctions, infusions, suppositories and suppositories.

By following these simple recommendations for the treatment of prostatitis in men with folk remedies, you will gain active dynamism. But do not forget that before using traditional medicine, you need to see a specialist to get an accurate diagnosis.