Prostate - symptoms, treatment

Prostate is affecting the prostate gland — glandular-muscular organ located in the pelvic the male part of the population.

According to the statistics, prostate suffer approximately 50% of men older than 50 years.

The prostate is responsible for producing a special secretion that combines with the sperm, helps to keep the activity viable sperm.

If the inflammation of the prostate diagnosis of prostate inflammatory process caused by the belief in the infectious antigen. Inflamed prostate disrupting the entire genitourinary system man characterized by certain symptoms. To avoid complications, you need time to heal inflammation of the prostate, the medicine and the folk medicine at home.

Reason for the prostate

prostate inflammation

The underlying cause of prostate infection. As a general rule, the inflammation can cause various types of bacteria: Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella, Enterobacter. These micro-organisms are present in the microflora of a healthy man, but any decline in immunity, their number is pathologically increased leading inflammatory processes. Contributing factors may be the sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, irregular sexual life.

Also, the appearance of the inflammation of the prostate can cause any urinary tract or genital infection. We're talking about trichomoniasis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and other diseases. A similar phenomenon happens for the reason that the prostate is closely associated with the activities of other organs of the genitourinary system in the male body.

Thus, the pathogen, the inflammatory process can easily penetrate into the body through the urethra, the rectum, the lymphatic or circulatory system of the small pelvis. Prostate is a nasty disease, symptoms, treatment, which does not need to be set aside.

Varieties of the disease

In modern medicine adopted to distinguish the four main categories of the prostate in men:

  • sharp;
  • chronic bacterial;
  • chronic inflammation of the prostate;
  • symptomatic chronic

Acute prostatitis is not common. This occurs because the infection is a bacterial infection and take it seriously. Patients complain of acute pain, fever, fatigue. During the audit, the iron man is very painful, increased in size. The acute phase is full of serious complications, so the patient has a quick, skilled medical care.

Chronic bacterial prostatitis in most cases, the so-called E. coli. Among the reasons is the decreased immunity, the presence of the body is the source of the infection, the surgery, the pelvic. He proceeds more slowly than acute prostatitis, though there are similar symptoms.

Chronic prostatitis is often called chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Characteristic of this type of long-term pain more than three months. The tests in the absence of pathogens. Asymptomatic type of disease occurs virtually without any symptoms. Usually a person, it turns out that the pathologist during a regular screening, or if you are considering histological examination of the tissue samples of the prostate.

The symptoms of prostatitis: the first signs

Timely diagnostics allows to detect the first symptoms of the prostate gland, but greatly speeds healing, helps to quickly get back to a healthy, full life.

Therefore, it is necessary to listen to your body reacts to the slightest pain, discomfort.

Usually the first alarm bell for inflammation of the prostate or problems with urination. This is because the inflamed organ increases in size and starts to press the urethra.

A man feels all the pain, pain when urinating, and difficulty urinating. The frequency of visits to the toilet increasing. These symptoms are also connected to feeling, burning sensation in the perineum, discomfort during bowel movement. In addition to urination problems, a characteristic feature of the prostate is a sexual disorder that manifests itself in the different signals.

People confuse the erectile dysfunction during the sexual act, but often observed, the long night erection. In addition, these patients usually premature ejaculation, and the pleasure of an orgasm during much smaller.

Another common symptom is prostate pain, but half of the patients don't. Aching pain may be constant, usually this type of pain is localized in the pelvic. Also the feeling of pain sometimes when urinating, ejaculation during erection. All the pain, it's kind of — it's a sign to immediately see a specialist.


treatment of prostate

Diagnosis of prostate many activities that help one hundred percent to confirm or deny such a diagnosis, which, in turn, help to cure the prostatitis quickly.

Let's start with the study of the specialist. As a general rule, the urologist. The data is collected the patient and carefully listened to the complaints, the doctor will give direction for further investigation. First, an ultrasound examination of the prostate.

Usually, traditionally, abdominal ultrasound, but in some cases, transrectal examination, if the sensor in the rectum or the urethra.

The suspected inflammation of the prostate be sure to conduct a number of laboratory tests. This list includes the common and biochemical blood analysis, common urine, urine into three parts.

Means the prostate secretion is not detected, so the bacteria and elevated white blood cells, tested quality sperm. If necessary, the doctor may prescribe further analysis and research.

Treatment of prostate

If the diagnosis of the prostate, the treatment is usually quite long-term task, which requires the use not only drugs, but also by other methods.

The choice of drug treatment of prostatitis depends on the type of disease diagnosed people. So, acute prostatitis is mandatory to prescribe the broad-spectrum antibiotics. A similar meeting will be for those who have prostate inflammation or caused by bacteria different. Duration of antibiotic therapy will be different, in each case, but always ready strict supervision of a doctor.

Almost any kind of inflammation of the prostate, the quality of the drug therapy will be recommended to anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and absorption means. The treatment of non-bacterial forms of the past few years, often used the so-called medicine alpha-blockers. Contribute to the better flow of urine, relax the muscles of the pelvic organs, improve the blood circulation.

In the case of the prostate another effective treatment is the prostate massage. Some doctors recommend that you use this method, only the chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, in the belief that otherwise it can help the spread of the infection in the human body. Others believe that the massage, on the contrary, it helps the better absorption of the bloodstream antibacterial agents. Absolute contraindications to this method of prostate acute. Prostate massage is performed in a special way in the hospital. It improves the outflow of the secretions of the prostate, has a beneficial effect on the blood flow in the body, the muscle tone.

How to treat the prostate? A good result in the treatment of inflammation of the prostate using the different physiotherapy procedures. In this case, we're talking, ultra -, or electro-process, magnetic, laser treatment, etc. Surgical intervention when the disease is very rare these days.

What happens if not treated?

Neglecting treatment of prostate can lead to man serious problems. Most common complications of the infection spreading further. Thus, the inflammation of the defining vesicula — when the inflammation affects the seed tuberculosis. In addition, we can develop various diseases of the prostate.

In acute prostatitis, most likely the abscess formation, then in most cases the prostate scar. Also often diagnose stones, cysts of the prostate, which is a complication of the disease.

Length of prostate affect sexual life, the people, because so many dysfunctions. We often talk about, erectile dysfunction, or premature ejaculation. All this leads to a decrease in the libido, and as a result, the psychological problems. In more severe cases, the disease can cause infertility.

Prevention of prostate inflammation

Prevention is primarily to regularly monitor the health of, and immediately identify problems. Since the disease often appears, as a result, the untreated infections of the urogenital system, you first need to pay attention to this aspect. If symptoms should see a doctor-urologist.

how to get rid of prostate inflammation

What is to protect themselves from infection are encouraged to use contraception, to restrict their sexually active relationships with a partner.

Prevention of prostate is very important the right way of life. It has long been observed that most commonly the disease is concerned about those who most of the time, in a sitting position. Therefore, office workers and drivers are first in danger. Doctors often recommend a walk to load the body to exercise. But sudden changes in temperature, or for a long time, the overheating or over cooling, not desirable.

Moreover, you should pay attention to the diet. Be as diverse as possible. It is impossible to prevent the constipation, as in this case, compression of the prostate gland and the body may worsen the blood flow.