How to cure prostatitis at home: effective recipes, methods,

Prostate is quite a complicated aspect of a symptomatology, and treatment of the disease. Despite such complexity, to solve the problem, modern medicine has developed many other effective healing techniques. It is worth noting that a single standard treatment regime exists. There are simple recommendations designed to address the question of how to treat the prostate of a house conditions. It is necessary that a brief study information on each of them to consult a doctor, to work with you to select the optimal treatment option.

Prostate inflammation

The look, an development of the disease

Prostate serious urologic disease, which is quite often. In fact, inflammation is a process which occurs in the tissues of the prostate. The early development of the pathology, it's not dangerous, but almost imperceptible. This is the main danger.

A disease develops, the organs happen to be harmful, and irreversible pathological changes, which is very negative consequences. The main it can be noted that factors such as the malignant tumors formation, infertility as well as the rapid development of the impotence.

As the cause of the prostate, noted there have the following common trigger factors — infection of the prostate gland as well as the stagnation of blood and lymph.

Many other causes of the disease, but they are interspersed with highlighted two main factors.

Most common cause one of The dangerous development in the case of men the prostate is a natural violation of the blood circulation. This is a consequence of such problems to a significant size in growth of the prostate gland as well as the violation of operation.

The prostate gland has not yet developed or that can be quickly cured, you have to follow such a prevention of the trigger factors are important, such as:

  • the extra pounds;
  • the sedentary, and sedentary lifestyle;
  • penetration into the organization of different types of viruses, bacteria;
  • to the body a intracellular parasites;
  • the development of inflammation in the rectum, and the urethra moves;
  • pelvic trauma;
  • common over-cooling;
  • chronic constipation.

There is a certain psychosomatic factors, which influence the appearance and rapid development of the prostate. This is a long-term negative stress — I have to leave.

Rules therapy

A lot of the words on the front desk, to the experts, just in case, if a treatment is not optimal results. This has a negative effect on the treatment. Go to the doctor directly after the appearance of unpleasant symptoms. Otherwise, the meeting is a very serious complications. The first bell, who is said to be a developing prostate pain in groin area and frequent urination.

The causes of prostatitis sedentary lifestyle

A specialist will examine the patient, will determine a level of neglect of the disease, choose the treatment. If you carefully follow the doctor's recommendations are set dose, or to follow the developed plan, the prognosis for treatment is positive. It is worth noting, it might be a treatment to build, not just the recipes, the alternative medicine, but the medicine, and special procedures.

Methods of treatment of prostatitis

At home may be carried out at various effective methods of treatment. At the most, depending on the reason for that is a pathology. A gland Inflammation arises, and develops a following look out for:

  • Contact the pathogens harmful infections. In such a Situation, you will need to remove first cause of the disease.
  • A weakening of the protective immunity associated with passion diseases, as well as not enough balanced diet.
  • A total lack of activity, leading to the formation of stagnation in the pelvic area that provokes the appearance of prostatitis.

Get rid of a disease and restore the body's defense system, doctors, and apply the three main settings healing treatment:

  1. Taking special medicines. Could be vitamins, antibiotics and antibiotics;
  2. Herb. Prescribe Professionals another plan, strong diuretic medicines quickly relieve a test, a decomposition products, as well as the various plan pathogenic bioform. Properly such herbs, as well as the fees do to the pain, quickly reduce inflammation, and remove the pathogenic flora. Among the most effective plants that help in the treatment of prostatitis in house conditions it is necessary to note, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, the leaves of the hawthorn, the flowers, the celandine, elder. A traditional treatment decoction and infusions ezek a herbs, then drop them, can be used as an effective mikroklizm;
  3. Physiotherapy. Quickly get rid of prostate inflammation, you need to be a massage gland regularly, and is simple but very effective exercise.

Between additional methods of treatment of the prostate, which you need to use during the treatment it is necessary to highlight:

  • exercises special, to strengthen the pool;
  • active elimination of constipation overall normalization of the digestive process;
  • the constant, very thorough hygiene, use the sitz bath;
  • balanced diet – a diet full of fiber, as well as the exclusion of foods can cause fermentation.

It is important to conduct a thoughtful and specially to the order of life. Sexual acts to the right.

Effective-betting enable a folk medicine

To completely get rid of the prostate a home, you need to make some effort. It is essential that the patient adheres to the prescribed proportions in a recipe or how to do it.

Treatment options plan there are such a lot of. To list them all in this article is simply impossible. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to three of the most useful, effective plant management, with the ability to quickly get rid of the people with the disease. We talk about the peanut, the garlic and the chestnuts.


Tincture chestnut

This product perfectly helps to cope with the men's illness, stories You a treatment of various diseases of the prostate -demand since ancient times. Here is a [main_menu] [zinc, which is a material that needs a diet, a modern man is strictly compulsory.

If every day the questions in this 30 themselves must be fast enough to achieve desired results. The question in this product before meals. If you notice that a certain regularity, it is possible that even a get rid of a complicated, advanced prostate inflammation.

There is a simple, but effective-betting permit, you have to combine you may be prescribed medications. This allows to obtain results, a treatment. Prepared as follows:

  1. with the skin needs to be clean 500 g of the product. Fry the seeds is not necessary;
  2. everything is a carefully milled meat grinder, or a blender;
  3. the mass is added 200-220 grams of honey;
  4. the ready mixture to form small balls.

You have to keep them in the fridge. The words suffering from prostate every day for at least a ball and strictly before meals. A course of treatment is finished after all the balls, eat or. Such treatment should be carried out at least once a year.


This product is a special about this on the way to a eliminate disease. To make to the shell of a fruit, and pour the boiling water. The soup definitely needs to stand up for an hour, and then you can drink instead of tea. The resulting solution is free to use mikroklizm. On the basis of the chestnuts you can use the treatment-bet allowed:

  • you have to remove the shell of a chestnut;
  • the obtained pulp is cut into small pieces, and immediately pour into 320 ml of hot water;
  • this infusion should be left for the night and in the morning strain;
  • the prepared mixture is placed in a bath to boil the water until it is around 200-220 ml of solution;
  • it is necessary that the glass discharged to the sense of glass.

Drink The infusion of 30 to 35 drops three times before eating. The treatment time 2 full work. To completely get rid of the problems, you must have at least three year courses.



Garlic is a unique, all natural counts, and disinfectant. Property is The most important to encourage in the words of a potential. To prepare a healing recipe, then you may do the following:

  1. Night you have to 4 cloves products, cut them with a knife.
  2. The mass is poured into three cups of boiling water.
  3. The Bank or the container tightly closed he left it to infuse till the morning. Here it is advisable to try as much as possible to retain the heat, which infusion it is advisable that a pack can be a towel.

Ready the medicine should be taken an amount of about 70 grams. If the prostate inflammation was detected in men with a larger build, do you need approximately 100 grams. Adoption of a similar quantity of infusion should be repeated before bedtime. Mint effective Supplement to a treatment during a day, the question in two segments. If you want to get rid of the smell, taste, just a little to chew on a lemon.

Get rid of a prostatitis Quickly by means of a garlic to this question in this honey. This product is very different In acacia -flower -buckwheat. Preparation of the therapeutic mixture:

  1. you need to carefully grind 5 lemons rind of without;
  2. to clean teeth five heads of garlic;
  3. only thoroughly mixed lemon;
  4. add 500 grams of honey, and again mix briefly;
  5. the composition is administered weeks, in a cool sense of place.

The finished mixture should be a little spoon three times a day. Therapy, until the mixture is fully completed. A medicine mint fast enough to save the people, to relieve the most common prostate symptoms. The reason for efficiency is a powerful antivirus and anti-microbial action. Correctly to accept the composition is able to suppress an inflammation, then, than the prostate, and other organs.

Fruit juices

When you decide to treat a effective prostate of a house conditions, it is recommended that you do not forget the natural juices. Fully fast enough to get rid of a disease, you can use the juice, of foods, such as:

  • Asparagus;
  • Carrots;
  • A healthy diet, prostate
  • Cucumber;
  • The sugar beet.

All day you want to drink approximately 500 ml of fresh fruit juice product is the only mixture of them. Very good, to help solve a problem, a juice, elderberry. Natural drink to use the spoon. You should know that a slight in increase in total test temperature, treatment of the when such will be the juice of a sign that the treatment have the desired effect.

Prostate massage

This procedure is performed can be, not only a professional, but at home. Massage as a result of a fairly even running situations. The event was not too pleasant, but the effect of such high exposure is enough. This feature allows you to quickly and almost completely get rid of the disease is discomfort, which is a the words of a lead prostate.

Important! Before you do, of course, a prostate massage is a to examine, you need to see a doctor. It is necessary to completely exclude the presence of malignant tumor.

The positive results of the prostate massage is available the next determining factor that this causes. Here are the main ones:

  1. the blood full normalization of a flow;
  2. increase muscle tone of the urogenital system;
  3. the total outflow of the secretions;
  4. increase the effectiveness of the main treatment, prostate a modern anti-bacterial drugs.

Preliminary consultation it is important to not only the medical examination, but training on the procedure. It is very important to perform manipulations correctly so that you don't harm the health of men. The routine needs the closest person, usually either the wife of a lover.

Optimal results can only be achieved, they are problems for the treatment, development, as asymptomatic prostate the presence of various diseases, the words reproductive system syndrome, chronic pelvic pain sharp. Massage will be the best complement to the modern standard drug therapy.


Tools treatment, prostate

The question how to quickly get rid of the inflammation of the prostate, a home, a modern man than the more urgent. Cure the disease with different methods – popular techniques, medicines, as well as the special tools, or the tools.

A modern-day devices quickly, correctly solve the problems, in the words of health. The device works differently, but all submitted to be more large groups. Condition According to the basic types of effects on the body, a device is divided into the following types of categories:

  1. Vibration – is capable to eliminate stagnation and enhance the overall hanging out.
  2. Electrical – able to stimulate tissue in a special modulated currents.
  3. Magnetic – enter a unique mucous membrane results.
  4. The quickly solve the problem, it means that the infra-red radiation.