Can I have sex with prostatitis?

sex with prostatitis

Almost every two men over the age of 40 have some form of chronic prostatitis. The cause of its occurrence is often a stagnant process in the pelvic region, which occurs with a sedentary lifestyle and prolonged abstinence. During sex, there is active contraction of the muscles of the prostate gland, which increases blood circulation and is a type of massage. So doctors are sure that having sex with prostatitis can be considered a cure.

Features of the disease

The prostate is part of the male reproductive system that synthesizes sexual secrets. During sex, blood circulation in the prostate area increases, and during ejaculation, the secretions produced here are secreted. Therefore, with prolonged abstinence, a stagnation process begins in this area, which can stimulate the inflammatory process. In addition, during sexual intercourse, a natural massage of the gland takes place, which has a positive effect on its condition.

There are several types of pathology, depending on the cause of prostatitis:

  • Spicy.
  • Chronic inflammation (which may be of a bacterial or non-bacterial development in nature).
  • Chronic non-bacterial disease (prostatitis), not associated with inflammatory processes.

In the acute phase, doctors do not recommend a man to have sex. The main symptoms of this form of the disease include urinary incontinence, pain in the abdomen and perineum, and high fever. Sometimes, a sexual infection (chlamydia, trichomoniasis, etc. ) becomes the cause of the pathology, so sex is contraindicated during an exacerbation.

The chronic form of the disease is not accompanied by pain, so sex during this period is not only not forbidden, but even recommended by doctors if combined with conservative treatment.

For treatment, a man will be prescribed:

  1. Prostate massage.
  2. Physical therapy.
  3. Medical treatment:
    • Antibacterial agent.
    • Antispasmodics.
    • Microclyster and rectal suppositories.

Can I have sex with prostatitis?

Prostatitis and sex are linked. Sex has a positive effect on a man's reproductive system and hormonal background. It makes sense to treat prostatitis with sex, since this process reduces the risk of developing congestive processes in this area. To speed up recovery and forget for a long time such pathologies as prostatitis or adenoma, you need to adhere to a few rules:

  1. It is advisable to have regular sex during prostatitis treatment. However, it is also not recommended to do it more than once a day, as this can worsen the course of the disease. How often you should have sex during and after prostatitis treatment depends on the age and health of the patient. At the same time, it is better to refuse oral sex, as it is associated with a high risk of infection.
  2. Sex in the treatment of prostatitis is necessary with a proven partner. This is because during this stage the man's immune system is weakened, so the body cannot respond properly to fight the infection. If a woman's clothes are changed regularly, then the risk of infection with pathogenic microorganisms that may be present in a woman's vagina increases. For the same reason, anal sex is prohibited.
  3. If the patient does not have a long-term sexual partner, masturbation should be used. This will free the glands from secret internal substances, accelerate blood circulation in the pelvic area and become a kind of visceral massage.
  4. If a man regularly practices intermittent coitus, this should be abandoned during this period, as it is very important to completely empty the gland and this can only happen during ejaculation.

Effects of prostatitis on the body

It turns out that prostatitis can affect the quality of sperm. You can verify this if you do a sperm x-ray, as a result you can see various deviations from the norm (decrease in active sperm count, increase in white blood cell level, etc. )). Most often, such indicators are observed in men with chronic diseases.

It is not possible to refuse sex at this stage, but you need to understand that if there is a desire to have children this will have to wait. This is because the quality of the sperm is reduced, which in turn can adversely affect the condition of the fetus.

Prostatitis also affects sexual intercourse. According to statistics, every second a man with this diagnosis has an erection problem and 1 in 4 men experience a decrease in libido. In severe cases, the disease can even lead to impotence due to scarring of the gland or changes in the hormonal balance in the male body.

In addition, sex life with prostatitis can be disrupted by a man's subconscious fear of failure. And this condition often leads to erectile dysfunction, reduced sex time and premature ejaculation. In such cases, he may even need the help of a psychologist.

Having sex after treatment

Today, doctors have learned to successfully treat inflammatory processes in the prostate gland. So, if the patient adheres to the medical recommendations, then he will quickly be able to cope with the pathology. Sex during chronic prostatitis helps speed up the healing process. But in an exacerbation, it is better to refuse it.

As a rule, within 1-2 months after recovery, a man will be able to return to a normal sex life. People who have undergone surgery will need more time to recover.

Disease prevention

More than others, men who lead a sedentary lifestyle, are often stressed, hypothermic and have an irregular sex life are more susceptible to the development of inflammatory processes in the prostate gland. To prevent the development of prostatitis, which can adversely affect sexual function, it is important to follow several recommendations:

  • Lead a healthy and active lifestyle. It has been proven that daily exercise significantly reduces the risk of developing pathologies, since moderate physical activity enhances blood circulation in the body, including in the pelvic region.
  • Have a regular sex life. It is important for a man to have a permanent partner. Promiscuous men are at risk of sexually transmitted diseases that adversely affect the condition of the prostate gland. Equally dangerous is abstinence for too long, because it causes the process of living in the pelvis to stagnate. If a man, for some reason, does not currently have a long-term partner, he can take advantage of masturbation.
  • Monitor your nutrition. The diet should contain adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals.
  • Avoid hypothermia.
  • Stay fit and boost your immunity.
  • Contrast showering helps to activate blood circulation and prevent stagnation.
  • It is important to have regular preventive visits with a urologist.

You need to see a doctor if you have any symptoms of the disease. Is sex during this period harmful? Doctors say that having sex is beneficial both for the prevention and in the treatment of prostatitis.