What is the remedy of the prostate most effective?

Prostate the words disease, inflammation of the prostate. A Disease prostate suffering eight percent of the words population, pharmacists in pharmacies in the presence of effective drugs for treatment of prostate. Prostate is often accompanied by diseases such as vesiculitis, and urethritis, as well as can older men develop benign enlargement of the prostate.


Infectious inflammation of the prostate

This type of disease is the most common. This can be a men with weak immune system. Cannot be infectious prostatitis the consequence of hypothermia, sedentary, and a sedentary lifestyle, occur in the lower physical demand for revenue due to prolonged abstinence of sexual activity or, conversely, excessive sexual activity. The alcohol source's contribution to the development of a prostate inflammation. An effective cure for the prostate men cases a non-infectious by the doctor prescribed, and the words a, the prevention should be avoided to the outside in the winter, without any additional accounts, moderately sexually active, not abusing alcohol, exercising at the gym.

Infectious inflammation of the prostate

This is a kind of prostate often contribute diseases a sexually transmitted. This is a different viruses, germs, bacteria. A sinner, an infection can become a continuous process, the inflammation, men are a different entity, sinusitis, tonsillitis, and renal pathology. You need time to begin treatment, prostate. The most effective cure for this disease should be anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory drugs. If the prostate inflammation was the result of a sexually transmitted infection, you need treatment with a partner, to avoid re-infection. An effective antidote to the infectious prostate prevention. To treat an inflammation in time, a sexual partner, use a condom. This is the simplest way to avoid the disease.

Prostate inflammation symptoms

Frequent urination, painful, unpleasant, or — at the first sign of the prostate. Accompanied by a to them feeling that a not-completely-bladder emptied in the lower part of the stomach displayed the pain, the pain. If during ejaculation pain in the rectum, this is a symptom of prostatitis. This can be a weak erection, a loss of desire for sexual intimacy. Men, cases of prostate, is characterized by great nervousness, anxiety. This can be a inflammation, chills, fever, sweating. If you have any symptoms, don't wait, go to the doctor. The disease itself is not fog to disappear, you need an effective cure of the prostate in the initial phase.

Effectively cure prostatitis in a pharmacy

In order to a recover prostatitis, you should seriously take a full course prescribed by your doctor. An effective cure for the chronic prostatitis normal or should include a lot of sa. This is the anti-bacterial effect, anti-inflammatory (drugs the prostate gland contains an antibiotic, but the doctor may prescribe injections more), drugs, relaxing muscles of a prostate pain. During treatment should abandon alcohol, avoid from the cold, wind, to refrain from sexual activity during your course.



Many wonder about how effective a cure for prostate take. The doctor who wrote the prescription may prescribe medicines are expensive, which can be very expensive. Then use the alpha-blocker drugs, which help relax muscles in the prostate to eliminate pain, alleviate urination. A drug designed just one by removing the unpleasant symptoms, but not cure the prostate. Together with blocking using a treatment, prostate alpha-blockers . You should buy products, cheap types. A tablet is a very strong, fast, have an effect on the pain.

Muscle relaxants

They acquire a eliminate pain in the groin area. Ezek relaxing purpose of the muscles, urethra, or bladder. Muscle relaxant good a device, use the pain less urination easier. You don't need an item, but to help yourself more easily through a disease, it is worth to spend money and buy.

A herbal treatment prostate

The drug store many medicines prostate herbal medicine. The most popular are those where the treatment is approximately one month, a high reception. Carefully read the instructions before you start the treatment. In any event, not exceed the dose. Expensive drug. There are medicines prostate is cheap, effective, available leaf, leaves, burdock, berries of palms, Icelandic moss, Pygeum, pumpkin seeds, roots of goldenrod, and sedges. Ezek tools appreciate the great staff, the quality exceeds the price, as they say in the reviews of the patients. If this is not possible, buy herbs, herbalist, can I buy pharmacies separately, to prepare them a cup of tea and a tinctures at home. We suggest that the high plants, roots, and buds will help your doctor and pharmacist, herbal remedies are sold freely, without a-bet allowed a doctor. The most effective decoction treatment of prostate gland — a decoction of the flowers of tansy, wormwood, succession, yarrow leaves, Hypericum, elecampane root, hop cones. You can add a celandine, nettle leaf, raspberry, blueberry. Ingredients to Every equal parts, to grind the porridge. Four, five, or a tablespoon of the mixture pour liter of boiling water, to insist night. A strain, drink one-third day is a glass of three times, for six months. More effective would be to have a not only medicines rely on herbs.

Recipes for a traditional medicine, a treatment, prostate

The easiest way to get a get rid of prostate did you know that the grandparents because at the time it was ready no medicines, medical treatment, prostate. They had to find their own methods controlled by old traditions and skills their ancestors. Finally, there are the living, healthy was able to cope with a disease.

The first bet allowed is the simplest: a pound of pumpkin you're through grinding a shell, add two hundred grams of natural honey, knead the dough. It makes the mash to a small ball, approximately the size of a specific, remove that one from the cold for forty minutes. Before each meal half an hour the question in a spoon. You must be very carefully and slowly to chew and swallow. This will be quite a test full course of treatment with the strongest drugs, the people, the production, the treatment, of prostate.

Heart candles treatment, prostate: half a raw chicken egg mixed with a natural teaspoon of honey, rye flour added to the dough. From this mass roll inch sticks — candles. Clean the freezer, and every morning and night after a bathroom, place a candle in the anus. Should be treated with this method, the prostate is an art. Week break, repeat the course.


Parsley the prostate inflammation: parsley seeds, four teaspoons of pour a glass of boiling water, put over medium heat, boil for fifteen minutes. After another, in one case, strain it before eating a tablespoon of broth, up to six times a day. This treatment is to keep it the whole week, such a time is sufficient. In addition to a treatment of prostatitis a decoction promotes the restoration of the words of power, even a hundred and eighty years old.

Chestnut shell with thorns, to grind three tablespoons and pour half a liter of boiling water, leave for night, drain in the morning in a water bath, to evaporate a decoction to two hundred grams. Thirty drops, three times a day on an empty stomach. If you too have a soup art break, repeat the treatment.

Hazel helps to handle inflammation of the prostate: ten twigs of witch hazel directly on the leaves, an enameled bowl, pour the water, so the branches hid. Bring to a boil, and cook twenty minutes. Infuse a soup, before it becomes reddish, then back to a do fire. When the soup will be hot, drain, then pour into a bowl, put in a water bath. Breathing vapors of this infusion to fifteen minutes every day. Week inhalation will be sufficient to the prostate passed.

An inflammation of the prostate to a [main_menu] [discomfort for men who suffer from this disease. More dangerous effects of prostatitis, impotence, loss of ability to get pregnant, cancer, pathology, the spread of an inflammatory process in the whole urogenital system. Depending on the etiology of the disease in each case assigned to a urologist a most effective medicines. The acute form of prostatitis occurs due to an impact, a bacterium pathogenic micro-organisms.

They found medical statistics show that 15% of all cases of prostatitis, characterized by such symptoms:

  • Groin pain, radiation to a lower part of;
  • Increased painful urination, purulent urethral separation;
  • The symptoms of intoxication.

This condition requires immediate treatment to the doctor, and a treatment with antibiotics, able to penetrate into breast tissue in the shortest possible time, effectively against specific pathogens. Chronic prostatitis is a complication of the acute form of a disease, a treatment, or not properly transmitted without treatment.

The symptoms prolonged prostate inflammation:

  • Excruciating pain is a barrier, radiation, the rectum, and the pelvic organs;
  • Difficulty urinating accompanied by a burning sensation;

The treatment in this form a disease takes more time than in the acute stage, and the choice of drugs depends on the previous treatment, complications presence, unique features of the organization. A number of medicines in addition to antibiotics supplemented with immunomodulators, analgesics, physiotherapy, massage therapy, use the cone.

Popular drugs in the prostate

A group of drugs for prostate treatment many effective tools to improve the condition of the tissues of the prostate-as well as the general fajbiológia, a patient. The homeopathic medicines are available in pill form, the absorption, was used as analgesic, anti-inflammatory drugs. To relieve the swelling and return to normal functioning of prostate gland a positive effect on urodynamics, reduces dysuria.

A facility contraindications:

  • Tissue necrosis,a gland,
  • The cancer of the prostate.

The treatment of approximately 4 months. It is recommended that 2 pills at the same time, common meals. Solve them in your mouth, 2 times a day before or after sleep. If possible, the symptoms a pills up to 4 times daily. A course of treatment, if necessary, repeated after 1-4 months break.

Medicine, a group of penicillin antibiotics is available in the form of tablets or preparations in powder for solution for injection. The used treating infections caused by gram-positive bacteria. The Daily dose of the treatment tablets – 2-4 g, 4-8 db or a day, every hour 4-6 1-2 tablets. Course of treatment A, and should not exceed 7-10 days. Dosage assigned only to The doctor.

A treatment of antibiotics take account of the following contraindications:

  • The allergy is a complications, such as bronchial asthma,
  • Enterocolitis, on the background of the antibiotics.

The use this drug side effects in the form of indigestion, allergic reactions, disorders of the urogenital system.

Herbal medicines for the prostate

folk remedies

A complex treatment of inflammation of the prostate often used herb that has a mild action, a permanent or lasting effect. The drugs for the treatment of acute or chronic inflammation of the prostate. Dietary supplements, anti-inflammatory, and prostatotomy effect, improves microcirculation in the tissues, stimulates the spermatogenesis. Regular use of the prostate will decrease the congestion, the symptoms of a dysuria. Part medications containing extracts of the following plants. Available in the form of tablets, packaged in 100 pieces plastic bottle. It is recommended that daily to 2 tablets 2-3 times, the disease early stages, and then transition to a maintenance dose.

Minimum contraindications – individual intolerance of the drug components. A treatment of a prostate is used as a refreshing medicine that the metabolism improves, the genitourinary system. Available in tablet form, to such 2, twice daily, before meals. The manufacturer recommends a treatment to you to set a diet of the patient, reducing the percentage of sugar, animal fats, alcohol. The preparation components consist of the following: leptadenia net, Indian ginseng, calamus, black pepper, long, cube easier, sandalwood, white, muskatnik fragrant, sage, carnation, Roman chamomile, is a Braine, ginger. Such Ayurvedic drugs refers to a category of biologically active additives. Composition contains more than 40 ingredients, most of which are of plant origin. Ezek a remedies for the treatment or prevention of prostate belongs to the category of dietary Supplements used, mint is an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic, and immune system modulator. A composition, a medicinal herbal ingredients.